Moments of Inspiration Ep.44

Rev. Kendrick Sooknarine,

As the people of Israel moved out of Egypt, they were required to obey the laws which God gave to them through Moses. Later, as a nation, they often displayed a rebellious heart and they broke the sacred covenant which God had made with them The prophets, especially Hosea, compared this behaviour to that of an unfaithful wife. God had taken Israel as a bride, but instead of being thankful and faithful, she was wayward. The prophet Jeremiah also warned that people had wandered from the path which God had laid down and they preferred to walk on dangerous paths. ( Jer 18:13ff)


This “unfaithfulness” put Israel in a very dark place. We could say that Israel was being punished, but we could also say that the waywardness had disastrous consequences. The horrors are not of God’s doing , but they are the result of our own evil plots and schemes. Obedience to God’s holy laws has good consequences just as disobedience has its own pain.


Obedience is not one of our best virtues in 2017. Disobedience and rebellion have become more fashionable. So then what are the consequences? Do persons examine the consequences of their actions and habits? When we do realize that the “scene” is bad? Like the prodigal, when are we going to make a change?


To prepare for the experience of Good Friday and Easter demands that we must be prepared to “make that change”. To make the change in our hearts to be obedient to the will of God, to live according to the mandate of scripture rather than the customs that are considered “normal” around us. To be firm in our own beliefs, teachings and practices carefully choosing our new paths.


Jesus suffered for us. It is His call that we should make that change.


Yours in Christ' service,

Rev. Kendrick Sooknarine, kendricksooknarine@gmail.com

Moments of Inspiration Ep. 28


Rev. Kendrick Sooknarine,

Holy Communion

Rev. Kendrick Sooknarine,