Unity among Christians


Kendrick Sooknarine,

What does it mean to be holy?

BECOMING A HOLY PEOPLE..  Ephesians 2: 12-22


How do we become that sacred temple that is holy to the Lord?  During Lent, we all try to shake off our sinful and weak ways, We try to put on the garments of holiness and godliness. Hopefully, this Lent will see us becoming a better people by the time Easter comes around.


Holiness is deepened through our private reading, reflection and prayer. It is also strengthened by our communal worship that encourages us into regular prayer. When our weak lifestyle may see us in church just enough times, our Lenten discipline pushes us to be present in church even more than usual.


Holiness is also about how we become God-like in our relationships. While we may think that Lent is about “what we give up” and the “things we don’t do”, we can try to develop our godliness by engaging in positive virtues and positive action. The Christian life is about doing good !!


Holiness therefore is about practising virtues like kindness and compassion. It’s about the fruits of the Spirit, about love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility and self-control. If we can spend time developing these habits in our lives we would be more holy.


Last year we advised that preparing  for Good Friday and Easter demands that we must be prepared to “make that change”.  Holiness is about changing from habits that are considered “normal” around us. Let’s make that change!


Yours In Christ’s service,

Rev. Kendrick Sooknarine, kendricksooknarine@gmail.com


Reflecting on the response of Mary , the Magnificat , is a most timely /


Mary comes from a poor family , though not downtrodden, she is not a person of plenty. Joseph had a donkey so he did have some basic transportation. Mary had a sense for what is was to not have much and so she rejoices to know that she is one chosen by God.


There is that beautiful song - Mary did u know? - Maybe Mary just had an idea of what an
important person she was going to be - and joy filled her heart. Did she need to win a lottery? No! Her happiness did not depend on material riches. Some people made riches their reason for Christmas and now that the economy is down, they are worried. No need to be worried!! The happiness we are going to find at Christmas is not based on how much we spend either. Let’s do the Reality Check !! What are the things in life that really matter ! It’s Love, it’s the relationships and friendships that we have. A nice porch is only good when there a few people there to make it warm and lively.


In Isaiah 58, God calls us to “remove the yoke “ from the backs of the poor. The world tells us to do otherwise, it says that when you get a person to take advantage of, then ride them!! Mary said the God “fills the hungry “ but sends the rich away empty handed. If we can be generous to those in need, then God will surely be generous to us. If we can only get a small fraction of God’s generosity and blessings this Christmas, that would be so good.


The times in which we live may be testing, but we can still make it memorable and happy if we can lift someone’s burden and share with an open and loving heart. God bless You all.


With best wishes,

Rev. Kendrick Sooknarine, Minister