The Early History of the Church – The Canadian Missionaries

In The Beginning It all came about in this manner. Rev. John Morton pioneer missionary was duly inducted to the ‘charge of the Iere Village congregation, January 29th, 1868, by the Presbytery of Trinidad of which he had become a member.’ (Morton of Trinidad, S.E. Morton, p. 40). We learn that on June 5th, 1868…
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Susamachar Pan Stars Rises to the Challenge

As if capturing the undivided attention of the congregation during their regular performances was not enough, Pan Stars Steel orchestra successfully completed a major refurbishment project to the Church’s western wall.  As a token gesture of appreciation to the Church for providing its facilities (which makes practice possible every Saturday morning), the Pan Stars adopted…
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Fifth Naparima Scout Group – Matelot to Blanchissueuse Hike

Fifth Naparima Scount Group – Earth Day 2018