Susamachar Pan Stars Rises to the Challenge

As if capturing the undivided attention of the congregation during their regular performances was not enough, Pan Stars Steel orchestra successfully completed a major refurbishment project to the Church’s western wall.  As a token gesture of appreciation to the Church for providing its facilities (which makes practice possible every Saturday morning), the Pan Stars adopted this very ambitious project with zest and fervour. The wall required much-needed repairs and was carried out through the kind and generous contributions of the Pan Stars’ parents and well-wishers. The pictures below capture the image of the wall before and after the repairs and painting.

With a true sense of “espirit de corps”, the parents, with a couple volunteers and even the kids came out early before practice on a couple Saturdays to take on the challenge. The youngsters put away their pan sticks and took hold of the rollers and brushes and got the job done before heading off to their usual practice with “Uncle George” as they fondly refer to Mr. George Poliah.

With the limited resources of such a newly established group but the with the very generous donations of parents and a couple sponsors-  corporate and individuals- Pan Stars were able to deliver a quality finished product- a testament of the Group’s resolve to be of service to Church and God!